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Best 10 Eau de Cologne for Women

Fragrance Reviews - Cologne (which is fully known as Eau de cologne) are not just for men. Eau de cologne is a great choice if you want something extremely fresh and light that you can use in more than a couple of places. Usually they have about 5 percent fragrance oil in them. This means that some overlap with Eau de Toilette and will not last very long. The lightness of it makes it more suitable to spray more liberally. Eau de Cologne is the most advisable version to use day to day, as it is less intense. And even if you do use too much it will lighten up fairly quickly. 

Usually the difference is either that the scent is gendered or that the cologne has lots of citrus notes. Since that’s historically part of the cologne recipe and the meaning is still sort of there. Here are a review of the top rated Eau de Cologne for women in Amazon.

Lady Stetson By Coty Eau de Cologne

fragrance review perfume review eau de toilette review eau de parfum review--Lady Stetson By Coty Eau de CologneLady Stetson Cologne by Coty, Launched by the design house of Coty in 1986, Lady Stetson is classified as a luxurious, gentle, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of roses, sandalwood, oakmoss, carnation, and a hint of jasmine.

Lady Stetson Cologne is a masterpiece. It is very warm, simple, comforting and elegant. This cologne by Coty is a powerful long lasting aroma with pleasant positive vibes, and beautiful notes and tones. A warm powdery touch of spices and woods covering the skin like a warm veil of seduction.

This Lady Stetson Cologne has a fresh and intensely feminine scent that celebrates a woman's natural beauty. It's pretty warm at first, the opening notes of Lady Stetson cologne are warm, sweet, and spicy. They are soft and feminine. They become sharp and intense with peach and aldehydes and a little bit spicy with sandalwood. However it's not too dark or too heavy. This cologne got a tasteful amount of musk and amber, it's also tastefully sweet not over powering grassy, and they added the aldehydes in a very moderate amount at the end.  

The sillage of this eau de cologne is huge and lasts 8-10 hours, which is extremely rare. Just one spritz adds a whimsical flair to any outfit you put together, from casual to formal. And even after taking a shower that night, you can still smell the perfume on your body the next day

Lady Stetson Eau de Cologne was a good quality fragrance for years and worth every penny. Buy some for yourself and you won't regret it.

Parfums De Coeur A Little Sexy Eau de Cologne

fragrance review perfume review eau de toilette review eau de parfum review-Parfums De Coeur A Little Sexy Eau de CologneA Little Sexy Cologne is a product of Parfums de Coeur house of parfum as a floral feminine fragrance. The notes included are from rose, lily of the valley, tuberose, gardenia etc. which when combined together keep the wearer in awe of the attraction it generates in the atmosphere.. A Little Sexy fragrance by Parfums de Coeur for women.

If you like red by Giorgio you'll love A Little Sexy Cologne. Soft as velvet. Rich and sensual up close. Never too strong or overpowering. Long lasting. Subtle but sexy at the same time. You'll get at least as many compliments. It's no surprise A Little Sexy eau de cologne is a remarkable fragrance achievement because it was created by the master perfume designer. This eau de cologne has a sexy sweet smell just as it's advertised. It does not connect to the body chemistry. A Little Sexy Cologne well worth the price.

Vanilla Musk Eau de Cologne 

fragrance review perfume review eau de toilette review eau de parfum review-Vanilla Musk Eau de Cologne Vanilla Musk Cologne by Coty, This fantastic fragrance was created by coty. This splendid designer scent is a mixture of natural vanilla, musk, sandalwood, and cedar wood.

Vanilla Musk Cologne is one of the best affordable Vanilla gourmands.

This eau de cologne is a sweet and clean vanilla, with a bit of powdery musk and sandalwoo. It's a faint musk with strong spices and an over wash of vanilla that hits you immediately on the first spray in a delightful mix that makes you come back for more.

Vanilla Musk Cologne is sweet, but has a more balanced sweetness than most vanilla perfumes. The opening is lovely, however there is a synthetic fruity note ,syrupy canned pears, which quietly creeps into the dry-down. Lasting power is not that great, 2 hours at best, maybe 3. Although, for a eau de cologne, that would be decent. Considering some of today's Eau de Parfums, it holds its own in longevity.

Vanilla Musk Eau de Cologne is cheap, smells wonderful, and good lasting power. A scrumptious winter-time fragrance.

Jontue By Revlon Eau de Cologne

fragrance review perfume review eau de toilette review eau de parfum review-Jontue By Revlon Eau de CologneJontue Cologne by Revlon, Launched by the design house of revlon in 1975, Jontue cologne is classified as a luxurious, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of orange flower, gardenia, violet, and mimosa. Top notes are gardenia, bergamot, chamomile, cypress and rose; middle notes are mimosa, tuberose, ylang-ylang, sage and geranium; base notes are musk, benzoin, oakmoss, vetiver and patchouli.

This eau de cologne is a sweet flowery symphony of French florals. The open is including mimosa, hyacinth and rose, violet and jasmine, which morphs into a rich sandalwood base. Jontue Cologne by Revlon was such a wonderful fragrance of the 79s & 80s. It’s just beautiful.

Jontue Eau de Cologne is recommended for romantic wear. All the lovely flowers kissed by oranges and juicy ripe peaches are too good to imagine. The vanilla sandlewood dry down still has touches of the magical flowers. You will receive many compliments while wearing Jontue Cologne. A Sweet, creamy, and milky cologne. Its smells like romance.

Nude By Bill Blass Eau de Cologne 

fragrance review perfume review eau de toilette review eau de parfum review-Nude By Bill Blass Eau de Cologne Nude Cologne by Bill Blass, Launched by the design house of bill blass, nude is a cologne classified as a refreshing, gentle, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of a brisk floral scent with hints of mosses, very refreshing yet sexy. It is recommended for romantic wear. The main notes are of aldehydes, rose, narcissus, jasmine, ylang-ylang, moss, musk, vetiver and sandalwood.

Bill Blass Nude Cologne is a wonderful fragrance. It's sweet, powdery, soft, delicate, clean, fresh, yet not over powering.

This eau de cologne develops into a unique perfume in its own right. The dry down is creamy and powdery, the whole thing has a milky feel, sort of like Bottega Venetta or Gucci Rush. Nude Cologne is a very gentle smell. It's so intense and lasts all day, long lasting with moderate sillage. It’s recommended for daytime.

Jovan Musk By Jovan Eau de Cologne

fragrance review perfume review eau de toilette review eau de parfum review-Jovan Musk By Jovan Eau de CologneJovan Musk Cologne by Jovan, It is designed by the house of Jovan. This cologne is classified as a luxurious, gentle, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of light musk and delicate florals. Jasmine, neroli, and bergamot blend with the earthy, seductive musk in its composition.

Jovan Musk Eau de Cologne is a lovely, light and very pretty perfume. It is clearly a soft, flowery musk, in the sense of classic fragrances. This cologne is also sexy, slightly animatic and a straightforward earthy scent. You can smell a slight citrus note in the opening and then it fades into musk and white flowers. A very simple and soft floral musk scent, clean and comfy, it smells like clean skin.

Jovan Musk Cologne stays with you forever, great lasting power 6+ hours. It’s light and recommended for romantic wear, but could be used at anytime and anywhere. Jovan Musk Eau de Cologne is a great perfume for a low price. Great blind buying.

Rapture By Victoria Secret Eau De Cologne 

fragrance review perfume review eau de toilette review eau de parfum review-Rapture By Victoria Secret Eau De Cologne Rapture Cologne by Victoria's Secret, Composed by master perfumer Harry Fremont. This fragrance is as sexy as the supermodels who strut he catwalk for victoria's secret. With a touch of the mysterious orient and big city glamour, rapture will make him weak in the knees. Top notes are citruses and orange blossom; middle notes are freesia, jasmine and Bulgarian rose; base notes are amber, musk, vanilla and heliotrope.

Rapture Cologne is a great spicy, super-rich and sexy scent. Rapture Eau de Cologne is the most mature scent from Victoria's Secret. This cologne is very warm, sweet and at the same time very sexy and exotic. Rapture is a strong cologne, with considerable silage and great staying power, on the skin it stays all day long. Amber is really prominent since opening until the very end, followed by a huge bouquet of white floral, with the citrus that give the heavy opening a bit lightness.

If you are searching for the perfect romantic, evening perfume, Rapture Cologne is your choice. The scent is oriental, romantic, and suitable for evening. Also if you like Opium, Chanel 5 etc., the timeless scents so you will like Rapture Cologne too.

Jovan Island Gardenia Eau de Cologne

fragrance review perfume review eau de toilette review eau de parfum review-Jovan Island Gardenia Eau de CologneJovan Island Gardenia Cologne by Jovan, This floral fragrance for women is perfect for women who love gardenia scents . Transport yourself to a tropical island, where exotic flowers are warmed by the sun and ocean waves caress you. A vacation in a bottle.

Gardenia Cologne is such a magical and romantic summer scent. A lovely eau de cologne, fresh, clean and tropical. It starts out like a sopping wet gardenia, with almost a coconut creamy scent in the back. Once it dries it turns to a white floral scent lightened by a powdery tone. The aldehydes give the fresh, morning-rained, floral garden bouquet scents, that are very pleasant, complex but not overpowering.

Gardenia Cologne is full and rich and heady for about the first hour, then a very light close to the skin floral for the next hour or so. It does fade quickly but it's a cologne so not really surprising, but lasts longer with a heavier application.

Gardenia Eau de Cologne is a simple gardenia fragrance with a hint of coconut, a fun and low cost summer cologne with lasting power.

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger Eau de Cologne 

fragrance review perfume review eau de toilette review eau de parfum review-Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger Eau de Cologne Tommy Girl Cologne by Tommy Hilfiger, master perfumer Calice Becker was just starting her career and Tommy Girl was her first solo fragrance. This perfume evokes sipping tea on a fine summer day when the garden is in full bloom. It is a contemporary fragrance for women of all ages. Top notes are black currant, camelia, mandarin orange and apple tree blossom; middle notes are honeysuckle, lily, violet, mint, grapefruit, lemon and rose; base notes are magnolia, leather, sandalwood, jasmine and cedar.

Tommy Girl Eau de Cologne is a classic, absolutely a gorgeous fragrance. This cologne is light and bubbly, fun and fresh.

There are a lot of flowers and some citruses. After hour you can feel slight note of mint, it gives nice freshness to composition, and it became more interesting. The longer you wear it the better it becomes, but after half an hour it dried down to gentle flower blends in what you can feel cedar very clearly dominating. The florals are sunny and fresh without being sweet or cloying. You will like the combination of rose and mint in the middle notes. The dry down is clean and warm, a little herbal and a little floral. Lasting power is not the best, but it’s a cologne, so if you spray more it lasts better.

Tommy Girl Eau de Cologne is more for younger girls, crisp, fresh and perfect for summer.

Evyan White Shoulders By Evyan Eau De Cologne

fragrance review perfume review eau de toilette review eau de parfum review-Evyan White Shoulders By Evyan Eau De CologneWhite Shoulders Cologne by Evyan. A true classic with a rich floral character, White Shoulders is a refined, exquisitely feminine scent. Introduced by Evyan, this fragrance has graced the skin of many women and remains an iconic choice for sophisticated tastes. Aldehydes and fresh bergamot mix with sweet peach and exotic notes of African orange flower in a rich blend of romantic aromas. Unmistakable notes of lilac give the scent its unique personality. A unique fragrance for women on a quest for true beauty and grace, White Shoulders Cologne is sensual and enticing, like a slight caress on bare shoulders.

White Shoulders Cologne is such a nostalgic perfume. White Shoulders cologne is a timeless, romantic scent. One of the most divinely natural smelling florals ever created. It is a floral filled with gardenias and tuberose that dries down to a soft powdery.

White Shoulders Eau de Cologne is beautiful, so feminine, very girly and sweet without being overpowering, while still maintaining a classic feel that can be worn as a dressy fragrance. This cologne is classy and feminine, perfect to spray on after a long bath and relax in the scent of white flowers on your skin.

For the price of this eau de cologne you really get a great bargain. And the bottle looks great sitting on a vanity top, with its clean and simple lines.

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