Lady Million Review by Paco Rabanne

Lady Million Review by Paco Rabanne

Luxurious, determined, brilliant, playful, and sexy perfume for women and designed to make any woman feel a million dollars. Lady Million leads the way. Between provocation and humour, the Lady Million and 1 Million couple confront each other on the same playing fields... between fantasy and seduction.

That is to say, Lady Million is a multifaceted, a fresh woody floral. Luminous, fresh and transparent interpretation of the original fragrance.

Firstly, this fragrance is inspired by wealth and power and gold and features top notes of Raspberry, Amalfi Lemon and Neroli. Heart notes of Gardenia, African Orange Flower and Jasmine. Base notes of White Honey Patchouli and Amber. Secondly, the result is fresh and playful, making Paco Rabanne Lady Million a seductive scent.

Lady Million strikes a neat balance between being feminine, sexy and sophisticated. Without coming across as too mature. Moreover, It has a very dominant honey note which you will love, along with sweet white flowers.

Mostly a lot of gardenia, tangy berries and some earthy patchouli. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser and there's nothing 'off' about it.

All the notes blend seamlessly with each other like a completed puzzle with all pieces in their place. The resultant scent just smells so pretty.

Lady Million Review by Paco Rabanne

The diamond shaped bottle, dressed in gold complet the look of Paco Rabanne Lady Million is. In conclusion, a gorgeous womens fragrance to thrill and impress.


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